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About Dr. Yugant Shinde


I was always crazily impressed by the extraordinary human physics and people who have achieved larger than life status in human breed. I was six when I first got a book in hand named “Adhunik Bheem” (new age Hercules) explaining life journey of one of the greatest humans in fitness world who existed in early 19th  century. 

I spent hours watching the statues and sculptures of Greek gods…with that perfect balance and symmetry all my adolescence. The most important thing which driven me crazy and still driving wild deep inside is an idea of becoming one of the best human walked on planet earth. Our performance in life on personal front, on business sector, in stressed up conditions depends upon how strong we are on health and mental basis. Living strong mentally and physically is such a beautiful feeling and it was never stagnant process because we are changing everyday…the struggle of life is getting tougher , we have to be the best and beat our own yesterday’s best every day. They say a perfect body always bears a perfect mind.

Fitness is not a factor only used to lift weights and impress crowd with looks….beyond this all show off it’s a calm journey to your inner bring the best out of you every day..Using the human birth at its best..Learning the discipline, dignity, dedication, hard work, passion, purpose of life. I think these all things are soul of human life and base of success in any field. I want to encourage every possible person around me to dream and achieve, to become the best they can be, to look good, to feel good, to walk towards the aim called STRONEST.

DO YOU REMEMBER ?????? in young age how we all were attracted to those super heroes cartoons …we all always wanted to be the one when we were young….WHAT HAPPENED ??? WHERE THE DREAM LOST??? WHY ARE WE SO MUCH STRESSD UP??? WHY WE GAVE UP??? 

Somewhere in the corner of our souls still that tiny dream of excellence and being the best is alive….I want to help that every soul to bring that dream out and live it…enjoy it….the difference between the man and superman is dedication and ability to follow through your dream and stand for it strong when everybody else is saying that it’s impossible…I AM HERE, WE WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

I welcome you to the entire new world of super humans “SPARTA”….where we will learn the art of fitness, art of being the best, art of being fittest..Life is too short to remain weak..Lets become the king of your own life….rule it strong.

I started my first work out when I was 6 years old baby, my dad was the reason for it, because he was in his prime at that time and that craze for iron was in my blood….since then till now for 23 years I am following that dream that desire to achieve that perfection of human mind and body can achieve..I came across plenty of misconsepts, myths, pulling back people…I learned all what I have today,on my own efforts…I have gone wrong so many times where many of us go…today I am happy that you don’t have to pay that cost of mistakes and myths, we will drive you safe to that ultimate goal of fitness and health. It’s easy to explore the myths of eating, six packs, energy and beauty.

Darwin said “SURVIVAL is for the FITTEST”, I and our SPARTA welcomes you to be the best, ARE YOU READY ??


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