• Dr. Yugant Shinde
    Dr. Yugant Shinde
    Years together human mind is fascinated by the ideas of health, beauty of physique and desire for endless energy…well we  can say health and fitness is an art rather than just a science, an art of living….not a sport, not a chapter from scientific books but a lifestyle.
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  • The Hulk Dr Yugant Shinde
    The Hulk Dr Yugant Shinde
    Bodybuilder. Doctor. Business Man & More
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  • Make It Possible
    Make It Possible
    We want to introduce you to DR. YUGNAT SHINDE, a perfect blend of muscles and brains….Doctor and a massive athlete
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Dr. Yugant ShindeThe Hulk Dr Yugant ShindeMake It Possible

Dream Of Dr. Yugant Shinde

I was always crazily impressed by the extraordinary human physics and people who have achieved larger than life status in human breed.  I was six when I first got a book in hand named  “Adhunik Bheem”  (new age Hercules) explaining life journey of one of the greatest humans in fitness world who existed in early 19th  century. I spent hours watching the statues and sculptures of Greek gods. with that perfect balance and symmetry all my adolescence. The most important thing which driven me crazy and still driving wild deep inside is an idea of becoming one of the best human walked on planet earth. Our performance in life on personal front, on business sector, in stressed up conditions depends upon how strong we are on health and mental basis. Living strong mentally and physically is such a beautiful feeling and it was never stagnant process because we are changing everyday…the struggle of life is getting tougher , we have to be the best and beat our own yesterday’s best every day. They say a perfect body always bears a perfect mind.

Darwin said “SURVIVAL is for the FITTEST”, I and our SPARTA welcomes you to be the best, ARE YOU READY ??

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Dr. Hulk meet and greet with fans at booth at Sheru Classic 2017, Mumbai.